Contains all technical documentation regarding the project

Convenience scripts

Install and Start pushing from a device


On the asset to monitor * python3 * curl * crontab * gcc (to be able to install python package used to monitor the device resources usage)

On BAG·Tower : * New asset created and DEVICE_ID and API_KEY copied

To install requirements on Linux ubuntu / debian:*

For debian based systems
sudo apt install gcc cron curl python3 For Arch based systems sudo pacman -S gcc cronie curl python

For Windows User

Install python (3.7 or superior) from the Microsoft Store. Tou can find detailed instructions here

Install and start pushing script

To start monitoring simply run the following

In terminal or Cmd :

curl -o && python3 --device_id DEVICE_ID --api_key API_KEY

For PowerShell users : powershell (curl -o -or (python3 --device_id DEVICE_ID --api_key API_KEY)

DEVICE_ID and API_KEY are provided upon the asset creation on BAG·Tower and can be found on asset details view on the web interface

Creat a new devices from command line interface

curl -o && python3

requirements * python3

to install requirements on Linux ubuntu / debian: sudo apt install python3

This will download the script in $HOME/.bagtower/create, to create a device execute this script.

python3 $HOME/.bagtower/create/

The script contains a usage doc up to date with all available options:

python3 $HOME/.bagtower/create/ -h